Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gratitude Friday (on Sunday!)

Good morning! Wow, what a's been sooooo hot here in Spokane and camp was a constant GO for me. I arrived home on Thursday, slept most of Friday (super duper bad headaches!) and yesterday I was at a wedding and a luau housewarming. How to cram 1000's of activities and friends into one quick weekend....I think I am learning to master it all.

Here's my gratitude list....

1. the love of traveling and teaching. I interviewed for Quality Schools International this past week and so far I've been offered two jobs overseas. The first one was in Baku (I had no idea where this city and country is located!) and the most recent is in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. I don't think I'll be accepting either one (I'd have to move in about 3 weeks!) but I'm definitely willing to go overseas if I can't get a job here in WA. (and yes, I'd definitely go to MT, too!)

2. longtime friendships. The wedding I attended was for Amy Nelson, one of Charlotte's twins. Charlotte and I have known each other since jr high and I'm blessed to have her in Spokane where I get to laugh with her often.

3. the rain! This morning we woke up to rain. It's very nice to not have to water the lawns ourselves today. It's been VERY hot in the Pacific NW and everything is super dry. Fire danger is quite high.

4. Wild Women Group! I've been a part of the WW group for about five years. They never fail to keep me laughing. Alllllllllll I've learned about life comes from this group. I always am good for blushing in many of our conversations! We were at a luau housewarming for Terri last night, complete with spouses, significant others, friends and neighbors. They roasted a 160 lb pig. It was DELICOUS!!!

5. being able to fit into size 8 clothes! Yesterday I wore the cute dress that you see in the picture and I loved being able to fit into it. I bought it last fall and wondered if I would ever be able to wear it. Tada~ miracles do happen! Now to continue to keep myself this size -- lots of discipline and working out. But it's sooo worth it! Tons of compliments yesterday...happy smile.

Have a wonderful week! Next weekend David and I are traveling to Leavenworth, WA with my cousins from Canada. Inbetween now and then, it's an action filled week with elementary kids at camp.


joyceandnorm said...

Love longtime friends! That's the best kind. and Yay for fitting the dress. From what I can see it is really cute.

Rachel Anne said...

First, congrats on the size 8 dress! That is something to be proud of, and I know you've worked hard to get there! You look darling in it. Very hot.

I know what you mean about the rain. We had some wonderful showers last week (made me think of the NW) and it was so refreshing. Life suddenly got better.

I wish I was part of your WW group! Sounds like so much fun!

Get some rest, girl!

The Farmer's Wife said...

I love Gratitude Friday! And excellent work, on size 8! (How did that happen, with Gooey Butter Cake and all?)

Here's my list, on a Monday:
1. My husband. I'm historically a bad man-chooser, so I know God picked him out for me.

2. Freedom to worship. Just talked with a cousin about Russian churches, and how excited they are, there, to finally be able to worship freely.

3. Country living. I get all tense in town, and I can breathe out here. And wear dreadful fashion choices.

4. Cooler weather! Whew...we've almost made it through July.

Hope your week goes really well and that you figure out the jobs!