Monday, August 29, 2011

A Sweet Boy and His Puppy

Yesterday was Easton's last day at his first house. I wanted to take a picture of him in his bedroom and Baylee the Beagle decided she needed to be a part of the picture, too. L-O-V-E this picture of them!

Phase 1 of Jen and Brad's move is almost complete. We worked hard Saturday and Sunday to get things boxed up & moved into storage. Their house in Yakima should close on the 7th of September and then we'll do Phase 2 and 3. (Phase 2 is prepping the house to move in...sanding floors, etc. Phase 3 moving boxes again into the house! Strength training at its finest.)

This morning I'm enjoying the last vacation Monday morning (the Beagle Boys and Manchas are barking up a storm!) with a cup of coffee and some cool temperatures. I need to plan my menu for the month, make a shopping list and check out sales. Watering the garden, picking the ripe tomatoes and the oops, grew too big zucchini. Just kinda puttering and then it's off to school to see what's taking place at the library. Excited to get started.

Happy Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Keri...Haven't seen your blog in do such a NICE job!!! Your grandbaby is absolutely adorabe!!...can see why you love spending lots of grandma time with him.
CONGRATULATIONS on your recipie being published!! Your recipies always sound yummy!!
Recently was viewing pics of the Mexico trip we took together some time memories!
Sharon Mc