Friday, August 26, 2011

"If I only had a brain....."

This morning's rush out the door was to get to the neurologist for a quarterly checkup for MS. I can almost do all of the tests by myself; it's become that routine in checking for anything new or different. I'm not doing an MRI this year due to there not being any change in the last year. Pretty stable, which is great.

I found a yard sale on my way home from the dr's office. I only had three dollars so I was hoping for some sweet little deals. Yep, I found them. A pretty blue tall metal pitcher for my outside table. Perks up that little spot quite nicely. Two rustic reindeer tea light holders...cute! And a small birdhouse that fits in with my other two birdhouses on the piano. I look at my finds and they make me smile so three dollars well spent.

Checking out a new Pho place in town. It's a Chinese place that went out of business and now they're offering $5 Pho. Carrie (from Whitworth) and I are going to try it out before she heads to work. We'll let you know how it is!

Happy Friday!

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