Thursday, August 25, 2011


Tonight I'm saying goodbye to Facebook for at least until Christmas. The pain I've felt the last week has been too much and it's better to be off of FB rather than feeling sorry for myself because I don't have a lake place, a boat, a teaching job, no exotic vacation, big bucks in the bank to play with, etc. I'm going to focus on what's important and healthy for me. I miss being a part of people's real lives & being invited to share in the activities of the summer. It gets pretty lonely.

Keep in touch with me through my blog, email or phone messages. I'll post pictures and recipes here.



gspurl said...

I'll miss you on facebook, I look for your posts because it seems like you are the one always up to something! I'm dreading our drive back from CA this weekend, but was thinking to myself today that Kerri would make it fun.

Take good care of yourself during your facebook break! Hugs!


carrie said...

I agree - it always seems like you are moving through and enjoying every moment of the day. We have even less than you guys and I totally understand what you mean about what we don't have. One of the things I DO have is our friendship and that I will always treasure!

Tony Johnson said...

I do hope you return after Christmas! You will be missed there so I expect plenty of content here :)


Becky said...

Hi Kerri,
I was giving up facebook in June. lol Then in July we created the Stop the Cherry Creek Project, to stop a low income housing project (apts) going in our single family dwelling neighborhood. So I'm still there, for now.
I'm with you, I'm at a spot in my life, where God is leading me away from facebook. My life is simple right now. I'm dealing with a health problem that won't let me work, for now. But I'm so busy. Learning to quilt, daughter just had a baby.....I'm think about volunteering for SMART, reading helpers. What do you think about it? I could use some input.
Good job on the blog.