Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mother of the Bride dress

I did it...I purchased my "Mother of the Bride" dress today! I'd tried on this dress when we were in Renton over New Year's weekend and fell in love with it. I wasn't quite sure if it was THE dress since it's actually a bridesmaid dress, but the mom dress selections were definitely not my style. So, I waited and then went today to look at some dresses here in Spokane. The one dress was at the shop to try on and I'd found another one by the same designer on the website to look at. Of course, that one wasn't available. I managed to get the salesperson to let me try the bridesmaid dress on (I think I confused her because she kept asking, "you're the mom? not a bridesmaid?" Apparently moms aren't supposed to wear these dresses and I was breaking protocol? I'm not quite sure....but I tried it on anyways.)

Jen had measured me when we were at the store in Renton so I knew already what size I needed. (Her brief job as a Bridal Consultant paid off!) But I had today's consultant (who kept calling me HON) measure me again....I kinda liked the measurements; my weight loss and hard work has paid off! I couldn't decide if I wanted Victorian Lilac or Black for the main color so when I realized that I'd need a size 10, I knew that the dress I'd tried on was it. The dress was the rack, in the perfect size. No waiting, no alterations needed (unless I want it shortened to tea length), mission accomplished!

99 days to go to the wedding ....and just shoes & accessories to still buy. No problem, right?


Anonymous said...

You're going to be a hot MOB! =) I don't think I'll ever pull of the MOB outfits when the girls get married. I still shop in the juniors department. =p

Joyce said...

Beautiful dress! You must be getting excited : )

Cindy said...

It's beautiful! The dress was the hardest part for me. After that, the accessories and shoes were easy! It's only 97 days now until my daughter's wedding so our daughter's must be getting married on the same day, May 29th?

Have fun with the rest of the planning and details.


Kathy G said...

I love breaking protocol, I am rebel. I am sure you are going to look fabulous. 99 days to go...they will go quickly. Size 10 oh I remember the days long ago, I have one year to fabulous 40 to get into a 10 , maybe a loose fitting 12.

Anonymous said...

That is a great dress and I don't see it as only a bridesmaid's dress. It's very sophisticated and elegant.