Friday, October 31, 2008

Gratitude Friday list...


1. for continued great health! Exactly a year ago today, I was suffering from optic neuritis and was blind in my left eye. It took about 2 months for my vision to be restored and a few doses of heavy IV steroids. I had some damage to my optic nerve, but I'm hoping that it wasn't permanent. I'll find out on the 10th when I go back in for a re-check. This year I am feeling great and no problems with the MS!

2. for the five puppies that arrived in my house last night. Jen came home for a visit and brought the puppies, Melody, and her kitten. We have laughed so much with them. One of the puppies is mine and we've named him Dieter (pronounced "DEE- ter") Five little waggy tails are such cuties!

3. for the three wonderful days of teaching after my whirlwind trip from San Jose to Dallas. It was wonderful to be back at my old school to teach for two days. What an awesome staff to work with. It was like coming back home times two!

4. for my Spokane friend Lisa who went shopping at Walmart with me last night, despite the fact she was getting ready to leave the next morning on a 2 week trip. We enjoyed a Starbucks drink together, laughed and talked, picked up her two girls from their evening outings.....I'm going to miss her while she's gone!

5. for the continued beauty of the Inland NW in the fall. The leaves just getting prettier and prettier. I need to go to a few favorite places here and take pictures before it's too late! Of course, there's always the nice long walks in the crunchy leaves, staying snuggled up warm and having a good chat along the way! I'm going to have to plan one of those walks for this weekend. Time to find a friend to walk with~


benjyjen said...

Wow! What a houseful you had! One puppy would be work, but 5! Deiter is adorable! What joy you will get from him! Cute pics!

Praise and Coffee said...

Absolutely darling!

I pray your eye continues to do well and you have a good appointment on the 10th.


What cute puppies!! I grew up with a beagle. Nice dog.

I followed a comment you left at The Lemon-Aid Stand (Abby's) blog. I also have MS and organize the Carnival of MS Bloggers. Do you ever blog about your MS? How long have you had it? etc.

My main blog is Brass and Ivory. Stop by any time. :)