Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye, dear friend!

Today David and I received the tragic news that our good friend Uwe died in Germany this past week. Uwe and his sweet family (Veronika, Christian and Fabian) lived across the culdesac from David in Putt. They opened their arms and house to David when he arrived and they quickly became his family. Not very many days went by without a visit to their house or to David's house. The boys knew where David kept the graham crackers and Uwe welcomed David's great coffee anytime! Many, many happy memories were made throughout those short 22 months of David living in Putt. I loved spending time with all of them when I would go to visit. Our absolute favorite memory is the New Year's Eve party at their house, where we would watch "Dinner For One " and celebrate with champagne and fireworks outside with the neighbors!

David is going to try to fly to Germany within the next few weeks, esp. since it's Christian's birthday the end of the month and they always had a Halloween party for the last two years with David's help. If you would remember the Schmitz family in your prayers, I know that they would appreciate them bunches. "Uwe, we love you!"

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