Saturday, July 9, 2011

July already.....

Hi, everyone! We are half way through summer vacation. Thankfully. summer and the sun showed up. The last full day of school we had indoor recess due to rain!

Here's pictures of our sweet little Easton. He's 7 months already.

What does this summer hold for you? I'm looking for a teaching job, working in my yard and playing with Easton. Not a lot of traveling except a quick trip to visit Lisa in TX and then a cabin vacation on Snoq Pass in August. It's the same cabin we honeymooned at 27 years ago so it'll be great to go back after being away from it for a few years. I can't wait, especially since Easton (and his parents) gets to go with us!

One of my recipes got chosen for the Gooseberry Patch cookbook "Fresh from the Farmstand." I love their cookbooks and having my recipe "Sensational Springtime Salad" in their upcoming book will be wonderful. It's my yummy recipe for asparagus, smoked turkey breast, pineapple and strawberries. Definitely a springtime salad since we love the asparagus to be tender and thin for the recipe. If you get a chance to use any of their cookbooks, you won't be disappointed. I've been cruising through "Comfort Foods" and thinking about making a few things from it.

Tonight's dinner was Spinach Enchiladas, a recipe from a dear friend in Germany. I had lots of chopped spinach to use up so I made pepperjack cheese enchiladas and then spread the spinach cream sauce on top. Meatless and delicious! It makes a big pan so we'll be eating it for a day or two. I usually like to make this recipe for company but when the ingredients are screaming "use me!", you make the meal.
(I made sausage and spinach manicotti last night and it's in the freezer for another day!)

What's been happening in your life?

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