Friday, May 7, 2010

The end of my long term guest teaching position....

My long term teaching job is coming to a close. It's caused a lot of different emotions these past few days, mostly one of happy sad because I realize how much I grew to love these 6th grade students and how much I tried to give my very best to their education. I move on next Thursday, back to Michael Anderson Elementary on Fairchild AFB, to teach 2nd grade for two days and then back to Spokane Schools to teach Kindergarten and 2nd grade. It'll be quite a change for me. Still looking for that full time position, whether it be in Spokane or somewhere else in WA State.

Tomorrow is Jen's bridal shower in Goldendale. I called her today to ask her what she wanted for a gift. Guess I'm not very creative on giving my daughter a gift from the mother of the bride. However, she'll be happy when they make coffee each morning. She told me they want a tent, which is funny because that's what my mom and stepdad gave David and me for our wedding present. Hmmm, perhaps we'll have to be on the lookout for a great tent to go with the portable dishwasher we're purchasing them for their wedding present. Talk about practical, huh?

Time to close up the computer for the night. I really don't like Friday nights because it's a very quiet time and I'd rather be around people, laughing and visiting. Tonight, though, I'm okay with it. It's been a very long 4 day week and I'm going to head to bed, read a little bit and be ready to leave Spokane at 6 AM. I'm going to enjoy my time as Mother of the Bride!


Cindy said...

Praying that you God will find you the perfect full-time teaching position.

Enjoy the shower and being Mother of the Bride. It's not long until the wedding!

Anonymous said...

have fun at the shower!! i'm a horrible gift giver, so i'm usually boring and do cash. bleh!

here's to hoping you'll find where He will lead you. good luck!

Beach Combing... said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on the blog! Spokane is such a beautiful place to live too, come down to San Francisco anytime you would like, I am learning how to be a great tour guide!

Anonymous said...

Wow hard to believe it's almost wedding day time!
Has Jen's fiancee's family been in the cattle business?
Name is familiar.
Have fun at the shower!