Monday, January 4, 2010

What a wonderful Monday!

Today was the first day of my long term subbing job at Ridgeview! I had a wonderful day and hoping the students did, too. This class is known for its noisiness, etc. so today they were ecstatic to get compliments from other staff members and the principal on how quiet they were in the halls. Of course, a little bribing on my part has never hurt (5 gems in the jar for quiet hall, 5 more gems if they get a compliment) The gem jar has a long way to go to get filled up, but they earned lots today! I think it was difficult for them to be without their regular teacher, coming back from a 2 week vacation and getting settled into a new routine.

I floundered a little bit, had the biggest butterflies this morning, got flustered a few times. But all in all, I LOVE being part of this classroom and the Ridgeview community. The verse from Esther about "for such a time as this, you have been created" has come to mind lately. I feel very blessed and humbled to be in this 6th grade classroom. I'm learning a lot from the kids! (in fact, I need to go figure out the answers to a 9 grid math paper so I know the answers!!)


Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity for you! Enjoy your time teaching these students. I remember going back to school after a long break is an adjustment.

Joyce said...

Enjoy your new assignment...what a great way to start a new year!

Happy 2010!

Meegan said...

Congrats on your teaching job! I know you'll do an awesome job. I'd love for you to be my kids' teacher someday!