Friday, August 7, 2009

Gratitude Friday

Hello! Whew, I made it with about 45 minutes to spare for my Gratitude Friday list. I am, in fact, drinking a Starbucks vanilla latte right now as I type this out. I can go get you one, too, if you'd like. There's a 24 hour Starbucks just a little bit away...what would you like?

My Gratitude list...

1. the ability to LAUGH! We had Mud Pit this week at camp and boy, did I get m-u-d-d-y! Stay tuned for pictures.

2. time to relax! While the rest of the camp was floating down the river on inner tubes, three of us floated on this big yellow float thing (it was round) and it took about an hour to go from the bridge back to camp. We stood up on it (and didn't tip!), we suntanned, we laughed, we just looked off into the distance and contemplated life or took time to be quiet. We decided we should do it every day.

3. my friend Robin! She was hired today by a school district in Anchorage. She and I have been friends since I started in the Whitworth cohort. Robin leaves on WEDNESDAY to start her new job the very next day. I will miss her dearly. She's been a great friend and support. Thank goodness for email and texting!

4. flip flops! I have been wearing different shoes at camp because of safety when we're doing the challenge course. I had some other cool slip ons that I LOVE when I'm off duty but I was getting a thick line of white on my feet. So I've switched to flip flops (good ones, not the 2.99 type!) to get a thinner white line. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to have an even tan line...white feet look funny.

5. time to look, in what seems "FOREVER", for a teaching job! If I had tons of major responsibilities around the house besides three cats, three dogs and a hubby, I wouldn't be able to spend this much time in front of the computer. I did turn down an international job in Baku (google to find out what country it's in!) because of lots of reasons. I won't say anymore but please pray that something opens up here in WA State. I am getting discouraged as it gets closer to start time for school.
Alrighty, it's been a pleasure to sip a Starbucks with you late into the late hours of Friday night. Hope you have an excellent weekend. I have NOTHING planned this weekend and since I've been experiencing a bit of vertigo and some other weird symptoms, I'm going to lay low. You can pray that the extreme heat hasn't made my MS flair up....I'm going to be bummed if this is what it's all about!
Share your gratitude list here with the group....check out the rest of Company Girl Coffee and see what Home Sanctuary has posted for us to do with the Small Things in Life.
ps Pictures are coming tomorrow!!


mholgate said...

Hi Kerri! I didn't make Coffee yesterday, both because I had none in the house and I was extra busy!

I'm glad you are still enjoying camp. I will pray that it is not your MS acting up.

I leave for vacation on Monday. We're heading to Discovery Bay, and then to Whidbey Island.

Get lots of rest this weekend!

L Harris said...

That's a great list of thankfulness!

Emily said...

Anonymous said...

Love the gratitude list! Have a super weekend....