Sunday, October 3, 2010

Overdue update!

Good morning! It's a definite fall morning here in Spokane. After enjoying a beautiful Indian summer, today's weather is rather cooler and damp. But that hasn't stopped us from planting tulip and daffodil bulbs, transplanting lilac bushes and planting two new shade trees!

I am teaching in a wonderful first grade classroom this year. It's a very sweet change from teaching 6th grade. (I know how to do 1st grade math! Smile...) Although it's not a permanent position, I'm at Bemiss Elementary (Spokane Public Schools) until Christmas break and feel blessed to be a part of this school. I've so connected with my kiddos -- 18 girls, 7 boys -- and they've stolen my heart. My favorite quote from one of the kids is "Mrs. York, you're one lucky lady to be able to use an electric pencil sharpener!"

Other news from the homefront:

Jen says there's no room at the inn for Baby Easton and she's getting kicked in the ribs quite often. We're excited to meet Easton sometime next month! She and Brad have been busy with Goldendale's football team, getting everything prepared for Easton's arrival and enjoying married life, too!

David continues to work for Pennacle Investigations and going to Whitworth @ night. He's loving the same classes I took at Whitworth; some of the professors are the same so he's following in my footsteps. David and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary over Labor Day weekend by being tourists in Seattle -- Pike Place Market, Alki Beach and Lighthouse, Seattle Mariners game, IKEA. A very fun and relaxing weekend!

Ian is looking for work (if you know of anything, let us know!) and he's helping out in my classroom as a volunteer.

The four legged kids keep us laughing with their antics. Never a dull moment. We did lose one of our cats -- Gretel -- so we're trying to decide if we'd like another friend for Hans. Thinking it might be nice to have an already spayed/neutered cat to add to the family. We'll see!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going smoothly over there. I'm glad you are able to have a long-term position.